About Me

Welcome to Filtered Gyan – my blog where I share my learnings, observations and experiences and hope that you may find them useful and interesting too.

My name is Anand Surana and I reside in Hyderabad, India with my family.

One of the things that I feel, shapes my outlook and understanding of people is the fact that I have had the opportunity to reside in various towns and cities across the length and breadth of our country. Also I got to spend about a year in the US and a chance to experience their customs and ethos too. It is really fascinating to observe the language, culture, cuisine and customs of each region. 

I love to travel. I strongly feel that this is one such experience that helps a person expand his horizon if he is open to learning. 

I love to read and try out different authors and genres. I started with reading fiction and then graduated to non-fiction. I realised that there is so much to learn in this world. Gradually as I read more books, I tend to pick more non-fiction and occasionally some fiction for light reading.

A number of my friends are avid readers and keep recommending good books that I keep adding to my wish list. In the last few years, I have always bought more books than I could finish reading however I never regret buying them.

Motto :
– Be a better version of yourself everyday.
– Leave things better that you found them

Believe in :
– There is always something to be thankful for.
– Trust in God but lock your car

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About This Site


Gyan” is a Hindi word which literally means “Knowledge”. Ironically, it is used colloquially to imply either “wisdom” or “unasked advise” depending on the context.

Why “filtered” Gyan?

The more information we have access to, more difficult it is to make sense of it so “filtered” to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

What is in it for me?

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  • Here you will find primarily – food for thought. Lessons and learnings that have stood the test of time, carefully handpicked and curated.
  • Every time you come back to the site, you will find something interesting, something insightful, something inspirational, something to make you smile.
  • Often, you will find answers to the problems you are struggling with in the stories and anecdotes which are ripe with timeless wisdom
  • Sometimes it may offer you a completely new perspective and inspire you to reflect
  • And almost certainly, it will add value to your personal and professional life