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Play To Your Strengths

You might have heard “Play to your strengths” pretty often – from self-help books to various motivational speeches to the pep talk given by senior leadership. In fact the phrase has been overused so much that we actually ignore the importance it carries. My humble attempt via this post is to help you understand what it really means and how to actually leverage it for your own success.

Most often we take our strengths for granted and lay a great emphasis on improving our weak areas. While it is not incorrect to try and improve the weak areas however by focusing only on the areas of improvement you are playing on back foot. This also lowers your confidence and puts you on a trajectory where you are feeding a lot of negatives to your mind. 

Instead what one should actually do is to focus on your strengths – understand them and leverage them to the best possible extent. By focusing on your strengths you are focusing on positivity and it directly boosts your self-confidence. When you operate from a strength mindset, it is more easier to take steps to overcome your weak areas too. 

So do spend some time and identify your strength areas – get help from friends or mentors or take some of the personality tests to identify them. Once you know them, dwell on them and learn to use them for your success.

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Implement Your Ideas, Don’t Just Sit on Them!

A lot of people have bright ideas…and even world changing ideas !
What do most people do with these ideas?

  • They discuss those ideas with friends and colleagues
  • Feel proud of themselves to have thought a really good one
  • Ponder about it some more and smile in satisfaction
  • Wish someone can implement this idea

Beyond that they do not do anything. They give plenty of excuses to themselves as to why they cannot implement even if it is a great idea. A couple of years later or may be even sooner, they see a business venture or start-up being run on the same or similar idea and once again they say to their friends – I thought of that 2 years ago!

“People do not lack good ideas
They lack confidence
To believe in their own ideas
And the courage
To take a stand…”

If you have a good idea, add a little bit of conviction and effort to it and genuinely try to implement it. If you cannot go all out try to do it at a small scale. But do something and make the world a better place.

Every drop adds up to fill the ocean.

Don’t just sit on your idea. Do something.

Watch the below video which shows how small actions can also impact in a big way.