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Why Have a Mentor?

Consider a drop of pure water falling from the sky. If it lands on flowers or leaves, it becomes a dew drop.If it falls on a hot surface, then it loses it’s identity and vanishes.If the same drop lands in an oyster, it gets converted into a pearl…

That is the power of a good mentor. The literal meaning of a mentor is someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague. A mentor is like a navigator who helps you steer your ship in the right direction even on uncharted waters and help you reach your destination. The true importance of a mentor is understood by those who have experienced it.

Apart from choosing the right mentor, to build a working mentor – mentee relationship, the primary ingredient required is mutual trust. And mutual trust is built by maintaining an environment of confidentiality. The relationship will be beneficial if both the mentor and the mentee are able to speak their mind and both feel that their view point is heard and respected.

A mentor plays an important role in your success. However, having a mentor does not mean that he will build a ladder for your growth. Instead, he will help you build on your strengths and overcome your weakness. You will still have to do all the hard work but instead of running around in circles and not reaching anywhere, the mentor will point you towards the direction you need to focus your efforts so that they yield results.


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