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Creativity & Passion – A Recipe for Success

I came across Parth Kothekar when I clicked on the Republic Day doodle (see above) which was crafted from hand-cut paper and had elements of the annual Republic Day parade. You can see the fingers in the center holding the paper.

Intrigued by the creativity I visited the website link provided and look what I found.

“Parth is known for his intricate papercuttings. His journey began in 2010 when he decided to drop out of conventional studies and take on making art as a full time occupation. In 2013 he held his first exhibition showcasing his first 100 artworks in Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad. This exhibition was a pivotal point in his career as a papercut artist as the response he received confirmed his path forward.”

I am reproducing some of his finest works. They are really inspiring. Please do take time to visit his site and see for yourself the amazing variety of paper cuttings he has made.


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